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Denkmal Interventionen – Was ist schön? at Grassi Leipzig Museum for Applied Arts

Must historic buildings be visually attractive? And if so, what do we mean by visually attractive? And who determines what we mean? Is there beauty in deterioration? Or is letting a building deteriorate an insult to those who created it? … Continue reading

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Grassi Museum for Musical Instruments: Reading “Elena Gerhardt: Mein Lieder-Leben. Memoiren”

Inconceivable as it may appear today that the daughter of a Connewitz publican could rise to become an international mezzo-soprano, at the start of the 20th century the world was a very different place. And Elena Gerhardt was the women … Continue reading

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Bauhaus Dessau @ Grassi Museum Leipzig: bauhaus 3 Launch and Panel Discussion

On Wednesday June 20th Bauhaus Dessau will launch the 3rd edition of their bauhaus magazine in the Pfeilerhalle of the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig. Initially launched in 1927 bauhaus ran until 1931 and reported not only on what … Continue reading

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Dresden Ethnography Museum Talks: Vom Schamanen zur Solarenergie – Projektarbeit im Regenwald

On August 25th the Dresden Ethnography Museum welcomes Gerd Baumann and Robert Spitzer from the Eerepami Regenwaldstiftung Guyana for a Dresden Ethnography Museum Talk. Since 2004 Gerd and Robert have been working in Guyana on numerous projects aimed at preserving … Continue reading

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Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum: ALL ABOUT RELIGION – Part 5: Buddhism

In the final part of their “All About Religion” series the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum are giving visitors the chance  on July 17th to get to know Buddhism a little better. At 2pm a discussions round with a practicing Buddhist … Continue reading

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