Leipziger Improvisationsfestival LivFe 2013.

From September 19th until September 22nd the Leipziger Improvisationsfestival LivFe will once again bring the world of improvised Early Music to the strictly composed order of contemporary Sachsen.


The opening concert of the festival’s 3rd edition takes place on Thursday September 19th in the Leipzig Lutherkirche under the title “Dance Music from the Middle Ages” and featuring contributions by Poul Høxbro from Copenhagen and the Ensemble all’improvviso from Halle/Leipzig.

There then follows three days featuring concerts, workshops and jam sessions exploring, presenting – and explaining – Early Music and Dance, but for all the joy and inspiration that comes from improvisation.

On Saturday September 21st the Grassi Museum for Musical Instruments hosts a “Zink Duel” between William Dongois and Doron Sherwin.

Full details on the Leipziger Improvisationsfestival 2013 can be found at http://www.improfestival-leipzig.de

Leipziger Improvisationsfestival 2013

Leipziger Improvisationsfestival 2013

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