Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum: Von Leipzig in die Welt

Those of us who’ve been away this summer have no doubt brought one or the other reminder of our travels back with us.

Museum collections are largely built on a similar principle. If on a slightly different scale.
The Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum collection is no exception and can be thankful to numerous travellers, tradesmen, diplomats and scientists who over the centuries have made their collections available to the museum.

On Sunday September 15th Angelika Pönitz will lead a guided tour through the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum collection and highlight some of the collectors and travellers who have helped make the museum’s collection what it is.

A rare and wonderful chance to get a detailed insight into the story behind the museum.

Von Leipzig in die Welt: Mitgebrachte Schätze von Abenteuer-, Handels- und Forschungsreisenden takes place on Sunday September 15th 2013. Tickets cost Euro 6,00, Concessions 4,50.

Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum Robert Visser Minkisi Collection

Robert Visser - one of the many collectors who helped establish the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum Collection - and former Leipzig Ethnography Museum Director in front of the "Visser Cabinet" (Photo: Archiv des Museums für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig)

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