Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum: Atelier Natur – Art from Earth and Plant Colours

As anyone who has ever wondered at the works of Aboriginal, Native American Indian and similar arts in the Grassi Museum’s exhibitions can testify – nature gives us the most intense, warming and challenging colours.

But it needn’t only be exotic colours that bring art to life.

On Sunday July 14th Anja Hümmer leads interested visitors on a journey of discovery through firstly the realm of earth and plant colours to be found in the Johannis Cemetery before applying the new tones to create sand and bark artworks.

The afternoon cost Euro 5, is however limited to a maximal of 15 participants. Consequently advance registration is requested via 0341/9731900

Atelier Natur – Art from Earth and Plant Colours takes place on Sunday July 14th at 2pm

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