Jagdfieber. Museums Night 2013 in Leipzig and Halle

On Saturday May 4th, 76 museums in Leipzig and Halle celebrate the 5th joint museums night.

And naturally the three Grassi museums are also involved with programmes of guided tours and talks for the young and not so.

In the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum highlights include “Die älteste Jagdwaffe Australiens” an introduction to the Boomerang for kids or “Jagd auf unsere Ressourcen – die Bedrohung der Inselwelt Ozeaniens”,  a wonderful chance to experience a museum as a contemporary reference source rather than a dusty archive.

In the Grassi Leipzig Museum for Applied Arts meanwhile visitors can enjoy an equally varied evening including “Design goes industry: Auf der Fährte des Industriedesigners” a guided tour through the third section of the permanent collection or an exploration of the perils of 18th century romance in “Jagdfieber des Herzens: Liebe und Liebeswerben im Rokoko”

The Grassi Leipzig Musical Instruments Museum offers the musical accompaniment to the Jagd with among other events, “Halali: Wie im Lauf der Zeiten zur Jagd geblasen wurde” or “Waidmänner klimpern, Waidfrauen röhrender Hirsch” before, effectively, ending the night with “Nach der Jagd” – a musical finale with museum staff and friends.

And the best of course is that with one ticket one can visit all three museums.

The full programmes and all information to tickets can be found at: http://www.museumsnacht-halle-leipzig.de/

jagdfieber museumsnacht leipzig halle 2013

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