Hinter die Kulissen geschaut: Grassi Museums’ Open Day 2013

On Sunday March 3rd the three Leipzig Grassi Museums invite all interested parties to take a peek behind, normally, closed doors.

To step through the velvet curtain and learn what happens behind the scenes at the Applied Art, Ethnography and Musical Instruments Museums.

For the Open Day the the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig have chosen to focus on collection and exhibitions. In a series of presentations and tours the museum staff will explain how a collection comes together, how it is organised and maintained and how one then progresses from a collection to an exhibition and what is required to make sure the exhibition is a success.

The Grassi Museum for Musical Instruments meanwhile are offering two special guided tours: one through the Studiensammlung and one exploring the secret world of mechanical music machines.

The daily routine of a museum restorer is just one of the special events being offered by the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum. In addition to the chance to take a look over the shoulder of Johannes Thümmler, Carola Grundmann, Thomas Miethe and Uwe Grunwald the Ethnogrpahy museum Open Day programme offers visitors the chance to travel to all five continents and learn how the museum cares for an organises its’s extensive collection.

“Hinter die Kulissen geschaut” Grassi Museums’ Open Day 2013 takes place from 10 am to 6pm on Sunday March 3rd. Tickets cost €4,50, under 18s are free.

Full programme details can be found here

Hinter die Kulissen geschaut Grassi Museums Open Day 2013

Hinter die Kulissen geschaut: Grassi Museums Open Day 2013

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