Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum: Plantation Manager and Collector – Robert Visser and his Minkisi Collection

In 1882 the then 22 year old Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Robert Visser arrived in Loango, West Africa, where he was to remain for the next two decades.

Although primarily employed as a plantation manager for the Rotterdam based Nieuwe Afrikaansche Handels-Vennootschap, in his spare time he researched the, at that time, little known or understood region, its people and its customs.

In addition to a close relationship with Düsseldorf Zoo, Robert Visser collected objects on behalf of the Leipzig Ethnography Museum.

Objects which now form the basis of the exhibition MINKISI – Sculptures from Lower Congo.

To further explain more about Robert Visser, his work, life and times Anne-Katherine Hein is leading a guided tour through the exhibition complete with background information and anecdotes on and about the man who, effectively, made it all possible

“Plantation Manager and Collector– Robert Visser and his Minkisi Collection” takes place in the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum on Sunday January 20th at 3pm. Tickets cost Euro 5,00 (Concessions Euro 4,00)

Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum Robert Visser Minkisi Collection

Robert Visser and former Leipzig Ethnography Museum Director in front of the "Visser Cabinet" (Photo: Archiv des Museums für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig)

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