Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum Exhibition Opening: MINKISI – Sculptures from lower Congo

Leipziger Völkerkundemuseum MINKISI - Skulpturen vom unteren Kongo

Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum: MINKISI - Sculptures from lower Congo

On Thursday December 6th the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum open their winter exhibition “MINKISI – Sculptures from lower Congo”

For the people of the former Kingdom of Loango – now-a-days part of Congo – little was as important as their Minkisi: small figurines inhabited by spirits which could be helpful in all manner of situations.

The Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum owns one of the largest collections of such Minkisi and on December 6th 2012 will open the first major exhibition devoted to Minkisi and the culture that made use of them.

In addition to presenting examples of the wide variety of Minkisi created the exhibition also tales a look at some of the most important collectors and documenters of Loango, its people and of course its Minkisi

MINKISI – Sculptures from lower Congo runs at the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum from December 6th 2012 until June 2nd 2013.

The opening takes place on Thursday December 6th at 6pm

All are welcome.

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