Soiree for Anna Magdalena Bach

On Wednesday September 19th the GEDOK Gruppe Sachsen/Leipzig e.V. are hosting an evening devoted to and in memory of Anna Magdalena Bach.

Born in Zeitz on September 22nd 1701, Anna Magdalena Wilcke was the youngest daughter of the court musician Johann Kaspar Wilcke and his wife Elisabeth.

A talented singer Anna Magdalena Wilcke’s virtuosity was nurtured from an early age and in 1721 she was appointed a Soprano to the court of Prince Leopold von Anhalt-Köthen, where she worked with the then Director of Music, Johann Sebastian Bach.

The pair were married on December the 3rd 1721 and in 1723 moved to Leipzig where Anna Magdalena, in addition to bearing thirteen children, supported her husband in the transcribing of his works.

This transcribing was however to be her only meaningful musical contribution following the move to Leipzig.

A ban on married women singing in the church coupled to a lack of public institutions in the city meaning that, much to her and her husband’s regret, Anna Magdalena was largely limited to private performances as part of social evenings in the Bach family home.
Soiree’s such as that being presented in the Grassi Museum for Musical Instruments.

The Soiree for Anna Magdalena Bach features works by Franz Benda, Friedrich II. and of course Johann Sebastian Bach performed by Maria Bräutigam (Historical Keyboards), Konstanze Beyer (Baroque Violin) and Dora Ombodi (Flute).

“Soiree for Anna Magdalena Bach” September 2012 1at 7.30pm in the Grassi Museum for Musical Instruments Zimeliensaal.

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