Schumann-Festwoche 2012 “Licht und Schatten”

From September 8th until September 16th the Schumann-Haus Leipzig will host the Schumann-Festwoche 2012. Under the title “Licht und Schatten” (Light and Shade) the Schumann-Festwoche 2012 will explore something we’re all familiar with : high and lows, good and bad, light and shade.

In addition to a series of concerts, including “Concert to mark the Marriage of Robert and Clara Schumann” on September 12th and “Family concert Clara Schumann’s Birthday” on September 13th the festival includes a screening of the 1983 film „Die Frühlingssinfonie“ about the love affair between Clara Wieck and Robert Schumann and series of specially themed choral and piano evenings.

Full details (in German) can be found at

Schumann-Festwoche 2012 Licht und Schatten

Schumann-Festwoche 2012: "Licht und Schatten"

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