Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum: BASAR im GRASSI

From September 7th until September 9th the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum will be staging the 7th annual BASAR im GRASSI.

The 2012 BASAR im GRASSI presents 19 traders representing a broad range of handicraft and art traditions including silver jewellery from Egypt, Bolivian knitwear and West African masks.

And as ever the organisers have taken care to ensure that where the seller isn’t the producer, that they can prove a long, personal contact with the craft-folk who produce the work and that all transactions take place on a fair and even basis.

Thus ensuring that you can not only browse with pleasure, but purchase with confidence.

BASAR im GRASSI runs from September 7th until September 9th. Entry cost € 2 (Concessions € 1), and on Sunday September 9th is included in the GRASSI-Fest 2012

Grassi Museum Leipzig Grassifest 2011


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