Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum: An Australian Mid-Summer Night

On Saturday August 11 the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum is hosting an Australian Mid-Summer Night extravaganza.

Featuring a guided tour through the Pro Community – Warlayirti Artists exhibition the evening also includes a  showing of the 2011 documentary film “Painting Country, which accompanies ten aboriginal artists as they travel back to Balgo Hills and the Warlayirti Art Centre. A journey that is as much one through time and memories as it is a physical journey.

Musical entertainment will be provided by the Leipzig group Tubulatores featuring Erik Knäschke on the Didgeridoo and Winfried Völlger on Saxophone.

An Australian Mid-Summer Night at the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum takes place on Saturday August 11th and begins at 7pm. Tickets Euro 8,00 (Concessions 6)

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