Bauhaus Dessau @ Grassi Museum Leipzig: bauhaus 3 Launch and Panel Discussion

On Wednesday June 20th Bauhaus Dessau will launch the 3rd edition of their bauhaus magazine in the Pfeilerhalle of the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig.

Initially launched in 1927 bauhaus ran until 1931 and reported not only on what was happening at that time at Bauhaus Dessau but also on current developments in the wider world of international Modernism.

In 2011 Bauhaus Dessau re-launched the magazine with the aim of exploring the Bauhaus legacy in the context of current themes and topics.

bauhaus 3 is devoted to “Things” and features articles by a series of guest authors exploring the relationship between Bauhaus and “things”

Friedrich von Borries, for example, takes a look at tea spoons or rather uses tea spoons symbolically to examine objects as a route to Utopia, while Thorsten Blume, somewhat appropriately, looks at the usefulness of houseplants.

In addition there is an exploration of Lilly Reich’s legacy and a look at trading in Bauhaus and the hard financial reality of collecting Gropius, Breuer, Mies van der Rohe et al

At the launch the themes and topics will be discussed by a panel featuring Dr. Werner Möller and Katja Klaus from Bauhaus Dessau, Jan Hartmann from Designers Open Leipzig and Dr. Eva Maria Hoyer, director of the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig

bauhaus 3 launch and panel discussion @ Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig on Wednesday June 20th at 6pm. Entry Free.

bauhaus 3

bauhaus 3. Dinge

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