Bauhaus Berlin Tours 2012

In a new cooperation for 2012 the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin has teamed up with specialist tour company art:berlin to offer a series of Bauhaus themed tours through Berlin and environs.

The tours are independent of the recently published “Bauhaus Travel Book. Weimar. Dessau. Berlin.” but obviously provide an ideal opportunity to deepen the information in the book relating to the story and relevance of Bauhaus architecture in Berlin.

And, of course, hopefully your own personal understanding of what Bauhaus is and was.

Featuring 6 themed Berlin tours the programme covers not only Bauhaus architecture but also modernism in a more general sense as well as aspects of Berlin’s contemporary design culture. “City of Design: Between Claim and Reality” being the very inviting title of that particular tour.

The tours take place at irregular intervals throughout the spring and early summer. Full details on the tours including dates and prices can be found at

PLEASE NOTE. All tours take place in German only!!

Walter Gropius Grosssiedlung Siemensstadt Berlin

Part of Walter Gropius' contribution to the Grosssiedlung Siemensstadt Berlin

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