Notenspur-Salon 2012: Albert Lortzing in der „Hacienda Las Casas“

The “Hacienda Las Casas” in the grounds of Leipzig Zoo is well known to all contemprorary Zoo visitors; it’s tradition as a meeting point however reaches back almost two centuries. The building once housed “Kintschys  Kaffeegarten”; established in 1824 and throughout the mid-late 19th century one of the most important meeting points for the Leipzig cultural scene, including the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche, Richard Wagner or Albert Lortzing.

The latter of whom is the subject of the final concert in the Leipziger Notenspur-Salon 2012 season.

Born in Berlin in 1801, Albert Lortzing moved to Leipzig in 1833 to take up a position at the Leipzig Theatre and remained in the city until 1845 during which time he wrote some of his most important works including, Die beiden Schützen, Zar und Zimmermann and Hans Sachs.

The Notenspur-Salon features an afternoon featuring Sebastian Wartig, (Bariton) accompanied by Mi Na Park (Piano) supported by readings from Otto Werner Förster.

Notenspur-Salon 2012: Albert Lortzing in der “Hacienda Las Casas”

Saturday March 10th 3pm-6pm “Hacienda as Casas”, Zoo Leipzig

Tickets Euro 14,00 (10,00 Concessions)

Full details at

Albert Lortzing

Albert Lortzing

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