Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig: “Art Nouveau to Present” Preview

On March 4th the wait is finally over and the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig opens the conclusive part of its permanent exhibition: Art Nouveau to Present

Featuring some 1,500 objects displayed over 1,200 square metres, “Art Nouveau to Present” – as its name suggests – documents the development of applied arts and design since the end of the 19th century.

The exhibition begins with International Art Nouveau before moving on over German Art Nouveu and onwards and upwards to Art Deco. Before, somewhat inevitably, modernism brings everything crashing back down to earth. Bauhaus providing here the principle focus.

The story then continues after the Second World War with, for example, Gute Form, the industrial furniture design of the mid-20th century or Pop Art and ends, if such an exhibition can end, with some of the museums latest acquisitions from the Grassimesse.

Having completed the exhibition tour visitors are then confronted by a new concept: The White Cube. Created under the leadership of Professor Axel Buether from Burg Giebichenstein Halle in conjunction the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig, the White Cube is an interactive installation which allows visitors the chance to experience the design process for the themselves.

Or perhaps on themselves is putting it better. More later.

In the coming days we’ll present a few more details one visitors can expect from the new exhibition.

To whet your appetite. As if that was necessary

Rohrtischleuchte Nr. 934 Heinrich Siegfried Bormann Dessau Körting & Matthiesen AG Kandem Leipzig

Table Lamp Nr. 934 by Heinrich Siegfried Bormann through Körting & Matthiesen. Part of the Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig exhibition "Art Nouveau to Present"

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