Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau: Kibbutz and Bauhaus

Until April 9th the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau is presenting an exhibition exploring the links between Bauhaus Dessau and the Kibbutz movement in Palestine/Israel.

“Kibbutz and Bauhaus” begins by explaining the history of the Kibbutz movement and  highlighting the biographies of seven of the circa 24 architects who either studied at Bauhaus before emigrating to Palestine, or who travelled from Palestine to Dessau to study. Having – like all good planners – laid a solid foundation, the exhibition then goes on to describe the composition of a “typical” Kibbutz, explain the planning and operation of a Kibbutz and depict the current state of the movement.

What the exhibition, and the Bauhaus Stiftung director Philipp Oswalt make and made clear is that Kibbutz’s are not just Bauhaus.

However the ideas, philosophy and approaches that Bauhaus propagated,  beautifully complimented the original Kibbutz ideals and helped ensure that in the wake of the second world war the Kibbutz culture was soundly established and so able to help absorb the influx of refugees.

As with so much associated with Bauhaus, the influence of the school on Israeli culture and Kibbutzniks has diminished over the decades.

As with so much associated with Bauhaus, some will regret this. Others will welcome the introduction of new ideas and influences.

As an exhibition “Kibbutz and Bauhaus” doesn’t comment on this transformation process; however, the exhibition does end with video interviews with 5 current Kibbutzniks on their feelings towards and experiences in the modern Kibbutz movement. Something which gives visitors the chance to decide for themselves how things have changed.

In addition to the exhibition, “Kibbutz and Bauhaus” also features “Beyond Eden” – a documentary project undertaken by the the photographer Stephanie Kloss and the political scientist Antonia Blau and “Traces” a film installation by the Israeli filmmaker Amso Gitai focusing on his father, the Bauhaus graduate and Kibbutz architect, Munio Weinraub.

“Kibbutz and Bauhaus” can be viewed at Bauhaus Dessau until April 9th 2012. “Traces” can be viewed in the Meisterhaus Muche/Schlemmer until February 12th

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