Vienna Design Week 2011: Small Worlds by Christian Haas for Theresienthal

At Vienna Design Week 2011 the Bavarian glass manufacturer Theresienthal unveiled their new collection from Munich designer Christian Haas.

Or perhaps “…. their latest collection from Munich designer Christian Haas” would be better as Christian has worked on numerous collections for Theresienthal over the past decade.

Released under the titles “Still Waters Run Deep” and “A Matter of Perspective” the two new collections can be seen as continuation of Christian’s 2010 Theresienthal collections “Wisdom is a Good Companion” and “No Sweet Without Sweat”, in that all the pieces in the collection can be used individually – but together they produce a complete composition.

So create “Small Worlds”.

For example.

“A Matter of Perspective” is comprised of several engraved glass vesicles; which when placed inside one another create an image of the cosmos, complete with planets, stars and spacemen.

“Still Waters Run Deep” recreates an underwater scene, “Wisdom is a Good Companion” and owl in a cage and “No Sweet Without Sweat”, bees busy at work.

We saw the works for the first time in Vienna, and were very impressed by what we saw. Not just by the craftsmanship and artistic ability; but much more by the concept of creating high quality everyday glassware, that is also playful and innocent.

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