Grassimesse 2011: Introducing

Grassimesse isn’t just about objects, products and design. Its also about the crafts people who create such.

And so as part of our build up to Grassimesse 2011 we will be taking time next week to introduce four of the Grassimesse 2011 exhibitors, and to hear a little more about their background and their own thoughts on and relation to Grassimesse and the Grassi Museum. As well as of course their work.

It goes without saying that time sadly couldn’t and didn’t allow for us to meet with all exhibitors; and so we had to make a selection, and attempted to choose a range of artists who we feel represent the various facets of and philosophy behind the Grassimesse.

Beate Eismann won the Grassipreis der TOTAL Deutschland in 2010 for her collection of industrially produced bracelets, and will be returning in 2011 to show the fruits of her latest research. Also returning after a successful Grassimesse 2010 is Verena Schätzlein aka Salon Elfi with her playful wood, textile and paper products. Halle based book designer Friederike von Hellermann meanwhile is making her first solo appearance at Grassimesse and for Berlin based Heike Roesner Grassimesse 2011 will also be a first solo appearance following previous visits as part of a group presentation.

Grassimesse 2011: Introducing starts on Monday  – but we assume that after the event we will have a few more interesting and exiting portraits for you……

And for full details on all  Grassimesse 2011 exhibitors visit:

grassimesse 2011

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