Grassimesse 2011: Introducing – Heike Roesner

Preparing for our interview with Heike Roesner we were, if we’re honest, unsure how to describe her.

So we started by asking her. “Object maker” came the confident reply.

Grassimesse 2011 Heike Roesner

Heike Roesner, with some of her figures

Originally from Düsseldorf, “object maker” Heike Roesner studied art in Duisburg and moved to Berlin in the late 1980s where she initially established an art and music project in the city.

As an artist Heike Roesner has, by her own admission, always been fascinated with paper, and some 15 years ago she discovered Papierkaschée -a sort of advanced papier maché – and was immediately hooked.
“What I like is that one has both form and collage elements. And that’s really attractive because you can create exactly what you want and then, more or less, paint with the paper”

Initially Heike made bowls, letter racks, pen holders, bags and a range of other everyday objects; today the range has been extended to include a collection of delightful characters.

Characters that ideally shouldn’t be considered as individuals.

“I love to tell stories with the figures, and then for me, with such installations that’s more art.”, explains Heike “And in my application for the Grassimesse I said that I don’t see myself as artist or as handworker, rather as someone on the border between both.”

From 2001 until 2005 Heike ran a shop/atelier in Berlin Schöneberg, but eventually gave that up because “…one can’t do art between 9 am and 5 pm …” and so she transformed a spare room in her Charlottenberg flat into her atelier.

A space that we imagine was a lot more spacious back then. Today stacks of paper and textile compete for space on the shelves with completed figures. All under the ever watchful eye of her dog.

Whereas the jewelry is created from solid paper, the figures are initially sculpted as a wire frame and then built up layer for layer with snippets of paper. We suggest, fairly therapeutic work? Heike Rösner laughs.

“A yoga teacher once said to me that I didn’t really need to go to her class; I was doing yoga all day!”

In 2011 Heike Rösner is making her third appearance at Grassimesse. Why does she keep returning? “It is such a lovely venue, and I really like the public who go to Grassimesse; so I’m always very happy to be there.” Her joy at exhibiting this year having been increased with the news that she has a display cabinet in the Pfeilerhall.

At Grassimesse 2001 Heike Rösner will be showing a selection of jewellery, figures and vesicles.

More information on Heike Roesner and her work can be found at

Grassimesse 2011 Heike Roesner

A couple of Heike Roesner's rings

Grassimesse 2011 Heike Roesner

Some of the wild life occupying Heike Roesner's Berlin atelier

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