Grassimesse 2011: Introducing – Beate Eismann

Grassimesse 2011_ Introducing  Beate Eismann

Beate Eismann.

At Grassimesse 2010 Halle based jewellery designer Beate Eismann won the Grassipreis der TOTAL Deutschland for her collection of bracelets created using rapid prototyping and 3D printing.

When we spoke to her after the awards ceremony she was delighted not just with the award itself; but much more for the recognition of her research on the use of
modern industrial processes in jewellery design.

Ahead of Grassimesse 2011 we caught up with Beate, and began by asking if she was still as happy now, as she had been then?

”Of course, especially because through the prize attention has been focused on this area of rapid prototyping which has led to more interest in my work and its always nice when there is genuine interest in how your work develops”

Among the processes that Beate has experimented with in the past 12 months is transferring images from old printing blocks onto leaves, 3D scanning the leaves,
manipulating the images and then  printing them out using rapid prototyping to 3D print the individual

In November last year, literally the Monday morning after Grassimesse, Beate Eismann travelled to Düsseldorf where she spent four weeks as Artist in Residence at the
University of Applied Sciences. An important element of her tenure was the preparatory 3D scanning and modeling work that would allow her to create new objects back
in her Halle studio.

Something she could do largely thanks to the TOTAL Deutschland Grassipreis

“I spent November in Düsseldorf and then in December came the prize money” says Beate, “and I immediately invested that in the new collection”

This results will be on show at this year’s Grassimesse under the title “Printed Matter” Proof if it were needed that winning a Grassipreis is more than just recognition.

Although generally printed in acrylic, some of pieces are covered in metal, and with all the pieces the end result is not just a visually stunning, confident, work in its own right, but offers the  beholder varying images depending on the perspective from which they are viewed.

Aside from the end results per se, Beate Eismann is also fond of the accompanying symbolism. “I’m a huge fan of analogue printing and find it a shame the process is fading out. In the process here the leaves dry up and decay very quickly; and so a couple of days after stamping the leaf. It’s gone!”

In addition to Printed Matter, Beate Eismann will be presenting further results from her research on using industrial processes in jewellery design.

More information on Beate Eismann can be found at

Grassimesse 2011_ Introducing  Beate Eismann
Grassimesse 2011_ Introducing  Beate Eismann
Grassimesse 2011_ Introducing  Beate Eismann
Grassimesse 2011_ Introducing Beate Eismann

Beate hat in den letzten zwölf Monaten mit verschiedenen Prozessen experimentiert, unter anderem mit der Übertragung von Motiven alter Druckstöcke, genauer Klischees, auf Blätter. Von den Blättern wurden 3D-Scans erstellt, die entstandenen digitalen Daten bearbeitet und durch Rapid Prototyping dreidimensional ausgedruckt. Die Stücke sind generell in Kunststoff gedruckt, einige von ihnen haben eine Metalllebeschichtung. Am Ende steht eine wunderbare Kollektion von beeindruckenden Objekten, die dem Betrachter je nach Perspektive unterschiedliche Bilder eröffnen.

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