The divine colours of Hell. New painting from Haiti: Préféte Duffaut & Frantz Zéphirin

On September the 8th the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum opens a new exhibition showcasing works by the Haitian artists Préféte Duffaut & Frantz Zéphirin.

Born in Jacmel in 1923 Préféte Duffaut initially followed in his fathers footsteps and trained as a boot builder. However after the Vigin Mary, allegedly, appeared to him in a dream instructing him to paint murals in her honour in his local church, Préféte began to move increasingly towards artistic pursuits. His work quickly attracted attention outside Jacmel and eventually led to him giving up the boot buiding and moving to Port-au -Prince. In the eary 1950s he created two of the most famous murals in the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port-au-Prince; The Temptation of Christ and The Processional Road.

Frantz Zephirin was born in 1968 in Cap Haitien. As a young child would sit and watch his uncle, the artist Antoine Obin, at work. Legend has it that by the age of seven Frantz Zephirin was selling his work to tourist arriving on the cruise ships, and by 13 he was presenting his work in local galleries. He later moved to Port-au-Prince where he still lives and works. In 2101 his work “The Resurrection of the Dead” graced the front cover of the New Yorker magazine.

Although from different generations the work of Préféte Duffaut & Frantz Zéphirin is united by its rooting in the finer traditions of Haitian folk art, creole culture and voodoo; and as excellent representations of the naive Haitian style that once so impressed Picasso and the French surrealists.

Die paradiesischen Farben der Hölle Neue Malerei aus Haiti: Préféte Duffaut & Frantz Zéphiri.

GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig


opening 08.09 @ 6pm

The High Road Préféte Duffaut

The High Road by Préféte Duffaut

The Resurrection of the Dead Frantz Zéphirin

The Resurrection of the Dead by Frantz Zéphirin - as New Yorker cover image 2010

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