Argentinische Filmtage: Argentinazo – 10 Years On

As part of the annual Argentinian film festival “Argentinische Filmtage” the Grassi Leipzig Ethnography Museum is hosting a series of screenings of Argentinian short films under the title: 10 Jahre Argentinazo.

Featuring “Un fantasma recorre la Argentina… Los Piquetero”, “ARGENTINAZO, comienza la revolución” and “Piqueteros Carajo” the series presents a documentary review of Argentina 2001 as the economic crisis forced the land into bankruptcy and the people took to the streets in  protest

Scenes and stories very reminiscent of Europe today. But what we learn from teh lessons of then?

Argentinazo – 10 Years On is being shown on September 24, 25,26 and again on October 1st.

All films are in Spanish with English subtitles.

Full details can be found at:

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