Leipzig. Photography since 1839

On February 27th the exhibition “Leipzig. Photography since 1839″ opens jointly at the Grassi Leipzig Museum for Applied Arts, the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig and the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig

The first joint exhibition of its kind since 1946, “Leipzig. Photography since 1839″ not only explores the development of photography in and from Leipzig since the invention of Daguerreotype, but also examines the changing role and functions of both photography and photographers as well as allowing the public a rare view into some of the numerous Leipzig photo collections.

The three museums all focus on different periods of the history: The Grassi Museum for Applied Arts focusing on the period up until the early 20th century, the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig on the period from the end of the first world war until the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 and the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig looking at the story since 1961.

All three exhibitions can be viewed individually or a combi-ticket is available for all three.

Leipzig. Photography since 1839 runs from 27.02 until 15.05.2011

Further details (in German) can be found at: http://www.leipzig-fotografie.com/Ausstellung.html

Leipzig. Fotografie seit 1839

Leipzig. Photography since 1839

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