Grassimesse 2010: Beate Eismann, TOTAL Deutschland Grassipreis Winner 2010

Born and raised in Halle Beate Eismann studied jewellery design at Burg Giebichenstein under Dorothea Prühl. Motivated by the fact that goldsmithing has changed little over the centuries Beate Eismann trained in the use of CNC technology, and since 2007 has been designing  jewellery with the aid of computer 3D modelling and other processes more commonly associated with “heavier” industrial design than the delicate world of jewellery.

At Grassimesse 2010 Beate Eismann premiered her new collection of  15 bracelets, for which she was awarded the TOTAL Deutschland Grassipreis.

Grassi Blog: Is this the first year that you’ve shown your work at the Grassimesse?

Beate Eismann: No, I’ve been here three or four times before…

Grassi Blog: But the first time you’ve won an award?

Beate Eismann: Yes…

Grassi Blog: And what does the award mean for you?

Beate Eismann: Firstly I’m absolutely delighted, also because it is a recognition of the new field of activity that I started developing two or three years ago namely design with computers and 3D modelling in such a fashion that the jewellery is not just industrial but more a symbiosis between individual pieces of art and industrial products.

Grassi Blog: From where came the idea of developing computer aided jewellery design?

Beate Eismann: I think it comes a little from my interest in graphics. At Burg Giebichenstein we drew a lot, and that is something I miss in my daily work routine, and then came the idea that 3D technology might offer a way to change that.

Grassi Blog: And what do you enjoy most about your work?

Beate Eismann: I enjoy the fact that I have a profession that allows me to create not only new objects but also new styles , because for me that is directly related to life – life is change – and that I can experience that through my profession is just wonderful.

More information on Beate Eismann and her work can be found at

grassimesse beate eismann total grassipreis

Beate Eismann (left) receives the TOTAL Deutschland Grassipreis from Delphine Saucier

grassimesse beate eismann total grassipreis bracelet

Beate Eismanns bracelets ....

grassimesse beate eismann total grassipreis bracelet leipzig

... are designed on computer, but ...

grassimesse beate eismann total grassipreis bracelets

... could never be mistaken for mass produced industrial products.

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