Erfinden, Von Teller und Tassen and Erbgut: KAHLA Porcelain

In addition to Silber + Gold Pur. Ulla + Martin Kaufmann 27.11.2010 also sees the opening of a “triumvirate” exhibition exploring KAHLA porcelain.

“ERFINDEN” presents the results of the 5th International Porcelain Workshop “KAHLA kreativ”.  In June and July 2010 KAHLA invited 12 selected designers to the KAHLA factory where, with the help of the KAHLA in-house technical and creative teams, they were given free reign to experiment with porcelain and so challenge the boundaries of what can be achieved with the “white gold”

“Von Tellern und Tassen” offers visitors a insight into the world of product development at KAHALA. “Featuring a range of pieces made by designer Barbara Schmidt from which new product lines eventually arose, “Von Tellern und Tassen” explains with the help of photos, texts and objects to give the pieces a context a little of the unseen process behind the development of new porcelain products.

Barbara Schmidt also has a hand in the third triumvir  – Erbgut. A co-operation with the Universität der Künste in Berlin Erbgut challenged the 10 participating students to create porcelain tableware based on non-porcelain tableware but which carried the form and function of the original into the porcelain.

Erfinden, Von Teller und Tassen and Erbgut: KAHLA Porcelain can be viewed at the Grassi Museum Leipzig until 16.01.2011

eva aebi kahla kreativ erfinden grassi museum

Spoon mass by Eva Aebi as part of KHALA kreativ Erfinden at the Grassi Museum Leipzig

erbgut kahla grassi museum leipzig

Erbgut part of the KAHLA exhibition at Grassi Museum Leipzig

von tellern und tassen kahla grassi museum leipzig

Part of KAHLA Von Tellern und Tassen at Grassi Museum Leipzig

kirsti karoliina taivola light dinner kahla kreativ erfinden grassi museum

Light Dinner by Kirsti Karoliina Taivola

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