Vienna Design Week 2010: Mark Braun and J & L Lobmeyr

A central feature of the Vienna Design Week is the so-called “Passionswege” – in which numerous traditional Viennese manufacturers cooperate with young designers on projects with an essentially experimental nature.

This years Passionswege includes, for example, a series of white gold rings by the Swiss designer Nicolas Le Moigne in cooperation with the family jeweler A.E.Köcher and an alternative view of the snow globes by Julia Landsiedl in collaboration with Erwin Perzy – the company who invented the snow globe.

vienna design week passionswege lobmeyr mark braun Attersee carafe

Vienna Design Week Mark Brauns Attersee Carafe produced together with J & L Lobmeyr

One of the highlights of the Passionswege, however, is Mark Braun’s project with the crystal manufacturer J & L Lobmeyr.

Conceived as an attempt to add value to everyday products the project is essentially a water carafe; however, the 21 carafes in the exhibition each come with an engraving of a different Austrian water resource.

Seven glaciers, seven lakes and seven rivers have been each hand engraved onto one of the carafes.

An important component of the exhibition is a postcard featuring a satellite image of the glacier/river/lake. The postcard provides information as to the size of the water resource and the time taken to engrave the carafe.

Through the project Mark Braun and J & L Lobmeyr don’t just encourage us to consider the value of the carafe and the work involved in creating it, but also to think about our water resources and how we use them. Or better put to think about their value as an everyday object.

For the Vienna Design Week exhibition each carafe was filled with water from the featured lake, river or glacier  – a lovely visual touch that brought the display even more to life.

In addition, from a project originally designed to be non-commercial, a wonderful commercial product has emerged.

The carafes are available for purchase from J & L Lobmeyr, the price of each carafe being related to the time taken to engrave the respective river, lake or glacier.

Full details of all Vienna Design Week Passionswege exhibitions can be found at

vienna design week passionswege lobmeyr mark braun glacier see river

The carafes are filled with water from the featured lakes, rivers and glacier - hence the differing appearances

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