Grassimesse Grassipreis

In front of a packed house the 2010 Grassimesse Awards were presented in the Grassimusem Leipzig on Thursday evening.

Interviews, information and detailed photos to follow …. but for now:

2010 Grassimesse Grassipreis : Winners

The Carl and Anneliese Goerdeler-Stiftung Grassipreis: Sebastian Scheid

The Sparkasse Leipzig Grassipreis: Hiawatha Seiffert

The TOTAL Deutschland Grassipreis : Beate Eismann

The Galerie Slavik/Wien Grassipreis : Silke Spitzer

As we say, more to follow….

Hiawatha Seiffert chain bowl grassimesse grassipreis

The Sparkasse Leipzig Grassipreis Winner: Hiawatha Seiffert. One of his Bike Chain Bowls

Sebastian Scheid grassimesse grassipreis

The Carl and Anneliese Goerdeler-Stiftung Grassipreis Winner: Sebastian Scheid. A selection of his pottery

Silke Spitzer grassimesse grassipreis

The Galerie Slavik/Wien Grassipreis Winner: Silke Spitzer: Some of her wood jewelry

Beate Eismann grassimesse grassipreis

The TOTAL Deutschland Grassipreis Winner: Beate Eismann and one of her bracelets

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