Grassi Blog in Eindhoven: Atelier Arnout Visser, Bottle Stories

Ahead of the 2010 Grassimesse we have taken a couple of days off to visit the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

In addition to a lot of wonderful experimental design, one of the highlights for us was “Bottle Stories” by Arnhem based Atelier Arnout Visser.

Under the motto “If its glass we can blow it” Arnout has created the most wonderful glass objects from, for example, cola bottles or Bombay Saphire gin bottles.

Which when you think how much Bombay Saphire invest in design sponsoring is quite ironic.

Aside from the objects themselves we love the “automatic recycling” nature of the project – Yes you could melt the bottles down and then reform them.

But that involves a lot more energy, and also we doubt you could the flowing organic forms that Arnout and his lungs create.

A real joy.

Atelier Arnout Visser Bottle Stories cola bottle vase gin bottle water jug

Bottle Stories by Atelier Arnout Visser: Cola bottle vase and gin bottle water jug

Atelier Arnout Visser Bottle Stories  gin water jug detail

And for connoisseurs the details remain visible. And yes the Angelica root really does come from there.....

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