Grassi Blog @ Grassimesse 2010 – Reclaiming “Like”

For the Grassimesse 2010 the Grassi Blog are organising an online photo album – a pictorial documentation of the fair, the exhibits and the exhibitors.

In our modern world “Like” is something one does with a click on facebook button or a thumbs up.

It’s quick, effortless and as such all too often an empty, meaningless gesture.

We want to reclaim “Like” as something considered and honest. One could also say we want our “Like 1.0″ back.

And so we need your pictures of those products or designers at Grassimesse 2010 which and who you like.

At we will publish all submitted photos and so, when all goes well, create a unique documentation of the Grassimesse 2010 that can be enjoyed by all wherever they are.

A selection of the photos will also appear here in the Grassi Blog. Full credit will naturally be given for all photos published.

The success or failure of the project however depends entirely on the participation of Grassimesse visitors and exhibitors.

If you would like to contribute a picture of your favourite item(s), exhibitor(s) – or indeed whatever sums up why you “like” the Grassimesse – please contact us at:

and we will send you further details on how to submit your photos.

Alternatively simply send your photo(s) to us and we will do the rest.

And don’t worry about the quality of the photos – it’s all about the objects and sharing your passion for what you discover in Leipzig.

Grassi Blog @ Grassimesse 2010 – Reclaiming “Like”

Grassi Blog @ Grassimesse 2010 we need your photos

Grassi Blog @ Grassimesse 2010: We need your photos!

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